When making four-wheel positioning should pay attention to matters of wheel repair center

by:XPW     2021-01-24
Four-wheel positioning, is through the orientation Angle measurement to diagnose the vehicle whether any adverse symptoms, and eliminate the symptoms. The average family car, in the annual maintenance when it is necessary to do the four-wheel positioning, and frequently used under the condition of some special vehicle to once every three months to locate. Experts with the below wheel repair center for each owner points to pay attention to when the four-wheel positioning of items: what circumstances vehicle four-wheel positioning need to do? 1, change new tires or repair after collision accident. 2, before and after the tire unilateral eccentric wear. 3, when driving the steering wheel is overweight, or floating. 4, straight when the car running deviation to the left or right. 5, vehicle maintenance, new car driving after 3 months, after every six months or ten thousand km for a four-wheel positioning. After normal four-wheel positioning vehicle can have the following improvement: 1, increase the safety of driving. 2, reduce the abnormal wear of the tire. 3, keeping them straight steering wheel integrity, maintain a straight line driving. 4, turn the steering wheel will automatically after reformed. 5, increase the driving control. 6, reduce fuel consumption of the abnormal consumption. 7, to reduce the loss suspension components. Do the consequences of four-wheel positioning inaccurate is what kind of 1, tire excessive wear, inaccurate four-wheel positioning parameters can cause tire eccentric wear resulting in the risk of a flat tire. 2, vehicle to drive not conveniently, the steering wheel and shivering wandering to make you feel more tired driving, at the same time increase the probability of traffic accident. 3, fuel consumption increase, if there is no special circumstances and fuel consumption increase, may be the vehicle of four-wheel positioning parameters are not accurate. Reading & gt; > > How to choose the hub four-wheel positioning manufacturer
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