What kind car wheel repair are there?

by:XPW     2020-10-27
Such as automobile wheel hub before repair expert introduction to wheel type, now use more wheel material is aluminum alloy wheel hub, the alloy aluminium wheels of the material in many aspects compared with steel wheels, all have obvious advantages, it is because of these advantages, determines the aluminum alloy wheel hub on the price, will be more expensive. Vehicle owners are mostly often have such a feeling, is driving on the road, or at the time of turning a corner, no matter how cautious, body or wheels may rub into a wall or railing, and even hit the rocks, it is easy to cause the body and wheels of scratch. Can be sent to the repair shop repair, the wheel? If it is aluminum alloy wheel hub, replace the new wheel price is high, usually not as good as original wheel material, this is now most of the owners is a headache thing. Today, just give us the aluminum alloy wheel hub if grazed, deformation, fracture, there are gaps, is a new wheel or replacement can be repaired? Wheel hub is one specialized is engaged in the automotive aluminum alloy wheel repair and the aluminum alloy wheel hub electroplating processing of the characteristics of the one-stop service enterprises. Can repair all kinds of car wheel hub of the scratch, deformation, fracture, gap, etc. After repair, the effect of either in physical or on the material, to be able to effect with the factory. Wheel hub after damage, what types of repair? Wheel repair co. , LTD. , tell us, aluminum alloy wheel hub in accordance with the process itself can be roughly divided into five types: a, the lacquer that bake paint kind of automobile wheel hub is a common hub surface technology, powder spraying technology is adopted to render, paint after high temperature baking, has absolute confidence to refurbish paint scratches on the surface of the wheel hub, scratches and knock against damage. Second, drawing automobile wheel repair co. , LTD. , allocation of professional CNC polishing equipment, make hub after repair to the original factory standard factory. Three, polishing using flexible polishing abrasive tools and can be combined other polishing medium was carried out on the wheel surface modification processing, can achieve the effect of smooth surface after renovation. Four, imitation plating using 'three spray to bake' or 'four spray baking technology and special materials, imitation plating repair technology and the effect can reach the factory quality requirements. Five, plating using 'multi-layer ion technology' environmental protection, USES the international top powder coating technology, magnetron vacuum coating technology to wheel plating processing.
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