How to repair car wheel turned yellow?

by:XPW     2020-10-24
Wheel hub for a long time use, will appear yellow, look dirty, ugly, not only affects the aesthetic of wheel hub, but also influence the car is beautiful. Parting today for you about wheels.com/products' target='_blank'>car wheel hub yellowing of the cause and the prevention solutions. Car wheel hub yellow reason: 1, the cause of the brake pads. Aluminum alloy wheel hub with a certain amount of iron, so there will be a certain friction brake, after a long time will wear a black powder containing iron, rust water, under the influence of water wheel is yellow long period of time. ( Note: the yellow car front than the rear wheels generally come first, before this is because the car is driving, the temperature of the precursor is higher is easy to become yellow. Because in driving the engine and transmission system can produce high temperature, and high temperature dust absorption, so before driving to yellow. ) 2, when washing the car tires tires would yellow glaze or something on the top 3, washing the car, on the tire light oil, car wheel hub fever, gradually becomes yellow 4, dog urine can also lead to wheel is yellow, because the dog urine contains 5, exposed to corrosive acid alkali things how to prevent wheel yellow? 1, using better brake pad 2, pay attention to when washing the car, try to avoid glaze on the wheel tyre above 3, avoid contact wheel about containing corrosive liquid 4, the attention of the parking area in coastal areas as far as possible in a dry place 5, regular cleaning the car wheel hub wheels turned yellow how repair? 1, automobile wheel hub yellow without serious proposal, use toothpaste scrub wheel, pay attention to use the brush must be soft brush, and to use toothpaste contains no fluoride toothpaste. 2, if the wheel hub yellow serious proposal to do wheel repairing, avoid hub to speed up the corrosion. High-quality goods taobao location: https://021zhiqi. 淘宝。 Com, welcome new and old friends to come to oh! If in doubt please consult: 18101644487/18721980781
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