How to install 17 inch black alloy wheels ?
Browse detailed product page and contact Customer Service before you place an order on 17 inch black alloy wheels . Customer Services Support is available during its service lifetime. And the customer service team will guarantee the supply of fast, professional support.

The 16 inch rims industry is growing quickly; fortunately, XPW is a brand highly evaluated. The 16 inch rims series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. To be more vibrant and competitive in 15 inch rims industry, XPW has superb team to help the improvement of the design technology. It is engineered to enhance the vehicle's overall performance. mercedes wheels is manufactured based on high-quality materials. With anti-shock and anti-slip function, it can not only effectively prevent the soles of the feet from sliding in the shoes but also absorb the impact force when the heel hits the ground to effectively reduce the feet fatigue.

XPW brand wants to be among the very leading business in 16 inch rims business. Get price!
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