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How to Choose The Right Quality Wheels for You


The overall condition and performance of your vehicle can be dependent on the quality of your wheels. The terms “rim” and “Wheel” are used interchangeably to describe the round metal base that is mounted to the axle. It is important to remember that big, flashy (Often aftermarket) rims don’t necessarily indicate quality. Instead, consider factors like wheel size, material and the terrain you will be driving on.


The best material for custom rims depends on your use, however, a general rule is that Steel wheels are built for strength and alloy wheels are built for performance and aesthetic.

Steel wheels are the most common wheel type because they are easy to manufacture, maintain and repair. These strong wheels will not easily bend and rarely ever crack. However, the strength of these wheels comes at a price – They are heavy! This added weight effects the performance of a vehicle, impacting acceleration and agility.

Custom alloy wheels are usually made from iron-free materials and are standard for superior performance and cosmetic purposes. Since aluminum is often lighter than steel, alloy wheels make for faster acceleration and a more agile performance. While the lighter weight improves these qualities, it can also cause wheels to break or crack more easily under stress. Aluminum alloy can be cast, so this presents additional opportunities for unique designs and customization. If you own a racing / sports car, consider alloy wheels.


When considering wheel size, it is important to ask yourself whether you value handling or a smooth ride. While the sleek modern look of larger wheels is trending in the industry, it comes at the expense of your tire’s sidewall height. Sidewalls are the part of the tire between the inside and outside diameter, or from the wheel to the pavement. Taller sidewalls provide more cushioning and a smoother ride, while narrow sidewalls improve handling but make for a harsher ride. Tall sidewalls diminish the handling of the vehicle due to excessive lean and roll. Keep in mind, larger wheels usually mean a larger price tag.


The terrain you plan to drive on is a huge factor in choosing quality wheels. If you plan to take your vehicle off-roading, you will want the strength and low center of gravity provided by steel wheel rim. If you plan to hop on the racetrack, then you will surely want to agility and performance of alloy wheels.

No matter what your make and model, XuanPao Auto Parts an abundance of quality wheels for your vehicle. Find the perfect set of wheels for your lifestyle.

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