How about auto spare tyre maintenance expert interpretation

by:XPW     2021-01-22
Many owners were to the point of professional maintenance to make your car testing and maintenance work, but by many owners offered to test the spare tire and wheel plastic expert points out, the spare tire is very important for the car, especially on high speed over a long distance driving, driving in order to avoid tire failure is affected, so it is necessary to pay attention to the spare tire, about how to maintain automobile spare tire? 1, check in time, because automobile spare tire using chance is very few, it is easy to be ignored, when really can find it when you are going to use it, automobile spare tyre no gas, fractures will have big trouble. 2, intermittent use, spare tire because the use frequency is low, and less friction on the ground, and part of the spare tire size than is tire size smaller, its flat rate, tire width or tire diameter is different from normal use of the tyres, so after the spare tire, four different tire friction coefficient, the surface adhesion is different, different pressure, long time use of vehicle braking system, steering system and suspension system have influence, bring safety hidden trouble, tires produce non-uniform friction phenomenon. Some owners have send the completed tyres as a spare tyre, these tyres again if you want to use, must be put in a driving wheel, normally we intermediate and the vehicle before driving, and because the front wheel flat tire car direction after more is not easy to control, so after repairing tires should be put in the rear. 3, prevent oil, oil products and the spare tyre will not be able to put together, is the main component of the tire rubber, rubber most afraid of is the erosion of various oil products, owners often deposit in the boot of lubricating oil and other oil, the oil once touch to the tyres, can make the tyres bilge erosion, will greatly reduce the service life of the tyre. In a timely manner, if tires to oil with a neutral detergent to wash the oil pollution. Above is how expert introduction about auto spare tyre maintenance method, at the same time also hope everybody to comply with, if you want to learn more about the knowledge of the tire
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