Car wheel hub upgrade modification you should know the common sense of wheel repair center

by:XPW     2020-10-24
Now many people bought a car that oneself like, want to change the wheel hub style that oneself like, or want to do is upgrade modified hub. But many issues should pay attention to when hub upgrade modification, such as the type of wheel hub, with the tire type and so on. Therefore, wheel repair experts to do the analysis: 1, choose the appropriate wheel type first to understand, different models, the choice of wheels should also be different, do not think that want to what kind of wheels can be replaced with what kind of wheels. Wheels are divided into steel wheel, aluminum alloy wheels and magnesium alloy wheels. Most steel wheels, the price is the cheapest, aluminum alloy wheel is lighter than steel wheels, magnesium alloy wheels are more light, more soft. Acceleration is also much better, but it is mainly used for racing, only in Europe and the United States excellent local roads, magnesium alloy wheels for civil car. 2, using adaptation tire type hub upgrade to synchronize with the tyres, when the wheels to be modified, a certain set of attention and tire upgrade at the same time, because of tire size has close relationship with the size of the wheels. Some owners can choose second-hand tires, is an unwise behaviour, after all used tyres lines, life than new tyres have certain gap, bring certain on the traffic safety hidden trouble. So, should choose new tyres for wheel upgrade; 3, wheel hub, brake and suspension also must pay attention to adjust in the process of modification, in addition to consider a modified limit [ Refers to does not affect the steering wheel control, walk not collision shock absorber and fender] Outside, modified the shock is the best supplement. Good shock absorber can reduce turbulence brings to the chassis ground metal fatigue, and strengthen the stability of suspension can keep the vehicle ride comfort. Performance is a good shock absorber, can reduce the vehicle center of gravity, let straight road and vehicle or turn more smoothly, with tire has a better ability to grip also bring the driver flexible handling. 4, don't blindly pursue beautiful or performance and blindly increasing hub but some owners think that the bigger the wheels, tires as wide as possible, actually otherwise. The main reasons are the following: ( 1) Seen the diameter of the wheel assembly torque change, can make the shaft power rotation when the load increase, the vehicle starting and accelerating power weakened; ( 2) Use small tires, big wheels must cooperate with flat rate increases due to the friction and ground contact area, friction is bigger, so will let fuel consumption increase; ( 3) Too wide tires will let the direction of the machine load increase, affect the slow steering wheel control and shorten the service life of the direction of the machine. Wheel repair center with polyhedral wheel repair experience, when the wheel hub upgrade modification can give owners better advice. And play their own advantages, has been open original second-hand wheel business, let owner hub upgrade more at ease, convenient and fast. Wheel hub service hotline: 021 - 56513507
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