About waste tyre using expert in detail

by:XPW     2021-01-22
Now automobile repair industry in order to promote industrial structure adjustment and technology innovation, give play to the role of enterprise main body, strengthen energy conservation, environmental protection, improve the quality of products, together with the present situation of industrial development, therefore, put forward the development goals, for the wheels, waste tires refurbished remanufacturing production of reclaimed rubber, rubber powder, pyrolysis four business sectors, put forward to strengthen research and development of new technology, vigorously promote the new technology, improve the level of industrial equipment, strengthen energy conservation and emissions reduction, development of high value-added products such as specific tasks. Set against the opinion, relevant departments from the following four aspects to promote the related work: one is to improve the tyre retreading ratio, optimize the product structure; Second is to strengthen the reclaimed rubber industry energy conservation and emissions reduction; Three is gradually expanding the scope of the direct application of rubber powder; Four is to improve pyrolysis technology, to constantly optimize; Increase the rate of tire renovation is to strengthen source management, improve the quality of new tire factory, to strictly implement the system of tire quality 3 packets, so as to promote and implement wear limit standard, can effective recycling old tires, solve the shortage of the source, promote presulfurization tyre retreading technology, timely improve the number of renovation, strengthening tire wear limit control use, test links. And optimize the product structure, can improve the proportion of precure tread renovation, can develop all steel and engineering tubeless truck radial tire, giant tires refurbished, the improvement of products and equipment, widely used in the pressurized detection and laser, X-ray nondestructive testing and other advanced equipment. The content of the above are about waste tyre recycling, but is need comprehensive these advantages to promote the related work, such as promotion of new technology, new technology research and development, etc
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